Web Layout Basics

In creating web design, web lay out is the one aspect that is mostly disregarded. Many people are eager to learn on how to do a web lay out yet its basics are sometimes ignored. So listed below are some web layout basics that are to be considered especially for beginners.

Images and Graphics

A lot of mistakes happen in this aspect. Newbies try to place images in the page disorderly without even thinking of proper lay out. You have to make sure you align your images. You can make use of the align attribute, in which it will help in making the images part of the layout. Make sure also to balance the text and graphics on the page. If it carries a lot of animations and images, it can cause the page difficult to read.

Space and White-space

For the space of your web pages, you have to use approximately sized layout. This will help in expanding and contracting the layout in the browser window. Always think of screen resolution, computer users have moved away from 640×480 resolution. If you don’t think of the screen resolution and you go beyond the limitation, the layout is no good. You don’t want your possible customers to leave your page because all they see in the monitor is just the logo and the rest are no where to be found. To define space, you can use colors. With larger browsers, there will be more background color showing while with smaller browsers there’s less or none at all.

Text Width

Text Width are the number of words that are to be displayed in one line. People are already comfortable in reading 7 to 11 words on just one line. If it’s longer, then it’s hard to read and if it’s shorter, it’s disjointed and distracting. The most important thing to think of is the text must be readable. Avoid centering the text and centering everything on the pages.

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