Web Design Cues on Increasing Your Sales

How you design your web site will affect your browsers’ online experience. Bear in mind that each visitor is a potential customer to your web site. So make sure that your web site is user friendly and the more they enjoy being on it, the higher the stake that they will make an online purchase.

Hence, a well designed website is the key in increasing your sales. How to do that? Here’s some tips.

  • Select Your Colors Carefully

Colors determined how your web site comes across to your browsers. Dull colors will have a “plain and boring” image on your web site while bright colors have a “chaotic and unprofessional” look. The colors yellow and red draws the eye in. Thus, using these colors for banners and adverts are effective on catching the browsers’ attention. Nevertheless, apply these colors moderately because it causes eye strain meaning visitors woudn’t want to look at your website for long period of time.

  • Avoid Slow Loading Web Pages

The amount of time that your site takes to download is crucial. If downloading take time, you’ll lose potential customers who are not patient enough to wait. Take note almost all browsers are impatient. You can do some things to speed up your site. Images and media are the worst causes in slowing down your loading time. Avoid using any kind of multimedia on your web site. If you want to use images, try and keep them small.

  • Make It Easy For People To Find Their Way Around Your Site

Your web site must be user-friendly. The site’s navigation must be simple and straight-forward. So visitors can easily searched on the things that they are looking for. It’s not good to lose sales just because visitors are having a hard time on looking for what they want. Putting a link to your homepage on other pages on your website will help visitors who did not enter your website thru the homepage. To simplify your navigation, just make every page accessible by using two links from your homepage and no more than three links from any other page.

  • Make Your Sales Copy Easy To Read

    If your texts are written in long unbroken paragraphs it will be unlikely to read by visitors. To encourage them to read it, make use of the bullet points and space to break up the text.

  • Make It Easy For Visitors To Contact You

Create a “Contact Us” link and place your email address clearly. If visitor’s have to search and hunt for your contact details, there’s a possibility that they’ll get tired and just leave your site without purchasing anything.

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