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Philippine web development companies that offer professional web design services are now bewildering and can be exciting especially when one looks at their portfolio. Portfolio is a gallery of sites created by the web design company that showcases its best work. Close examination of the portfolio gives an impression of the quality, the style and the content of sites made by the web designer including its market potential.

Web design companies should fulfill all the essential elements in making a web site. It should feature good design components, user-friendly navigation, simple and google search engine optimization.

It is a must that you test the sites in its portfolio to thoroughly determine the web designer’s proficiency and to check if the web design company meets your business and marketing needs.

The portfolio must show the standard design of a website which is easier to update and far more likely to work well using any web browser. Your web designer should be consistent all throughout. Scan the portfolio carefully. Bear in mind that un-friendly home page messages create a negative impression of your site. Messages like, “Flash required”, or “best viewed using Netscape” or “best viewed using Internet Explorer”.

In looking for web company’s portfolio, you have to think of the following elements:

       1. The “look” of the site. When you check the site and you don’t enjoy the look of the site because you find it annoying or you find it boring then try to consider another portfolio.

       2. Make sure that the first page loads quickly. Almost all web users are impatient. If the page doesn’t load quickly, they will not go to your site anymore.

       3. Test the navigation. Make sure to browse the sites in the portfolio and search for information. You must find it easily and quickly.

       4. Flexibility of the site. Your possible clients have a variety of monitor sizes. Make sure that your site must be flexible. If you change window sizes, is the design hampered? Or the font size altered, or does it disturb the page lay out?

       5. The site must work on both Internet Explorer and other browsers like Opera and firefox.

       6. Pop-ups. These are the burden of many web surfers. Pop-up windows may not be the best thing for your website.

A good portfolio has a knowledgable web designer and a professional web design company. Choose one that will build effective and functional websites that will cater to your business needs and doesn’t left you behind in the global market.

PHILWEBSERVICES, INC. holds portfolio of over 700 clients in different locations worldwide that caters to a number of highly diverse trades, ranging from modeling companies and entertainment businesses to industrial and multi-national corporations.

So, if you are really serious in ensuring your web success, PHILWEBSERVICES, INC. can help you get there.

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