Valuable Tips On Enhancing the Usability of Your Homepage

Your home page or index page is the very first page visitors see when viewing your site. Needless it say, special attention and consideration should be put into it. Since the homepage serves as your face, it should not only convey the right impression, but should effectively lure your visitors to browse through the subpages.

Given such facts, it is important that you do not only focus on the design, but more importantly focus on the usability of the page. Not all web design and development companies do not put much consideration on these elements. Here are some of the practical tips you might want to discuss with your web design and development provider:


A homepage is all about conveying what your business is all about and establishing your branding. A catchy tagline, when created perfectly, can achieve just that. Your tagline should more or less give your visitors an idea what you offer at the same time create a lasting impression.

Group Together All Company Information

Generally, most visitors would not bother reading the company profile. But for those you are interested of doing business with your company, they take time to do some checking. This is why a good and solid company profile information should be readily available in your website. This is usually seen on the About Us page, but you can provide an easily link from your homepage to direct your users to the corporate page.

Include a Search Box

Any website should have a search box. This is because most online users want access to information fast. A search box cuts down the number of clicks and offers visitors the convenience of looking up certain topics and/or categories they want to see. Just make sure that your search box should be at least 25 characters wide so that people can conduct multiple searches with ease.

At PhilWebServices, we make sure we got all the bases covered for you. As a professional web design and development company, we do not only deliver exceptional designs, but websites with enhanced usability, and SEO-friendly structure in order to help clients maximize their online presence potential.

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