Understanding Google Website Ranking Factors

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not exactly rocket science. While it does not require a genuis to figure it out, strategic SEO will need a level of expertise and understanding on how it works and how search engines behave. One of the primary questions that you may encounter is the how Google, being the most popular and biggest search engine, conduct ranking of sites. Well, here are the key factors that are taken into account.


The website’s domain is one good basis used by Google. Factors that are taken into consideration include the domain age, history of the domain, IP address, IP location and keywords in the domain name. It sure pays to have a good head start with a good domain name.

Site Architecture

Another primary factor considered by Google is the HTML structure, the URL path, the use of header tags, as well s the external CSS.


Of course we all know that content is king in the online world. This is also taken into account by Google and regular addition of fresh and original content is definitely important in SEO. Factors that you need to focus on include the title tag, keyword density, meta description, header tags, freshness of the content and the keywords found in the body text.


There are different types of linking methods used in SEO. In the inbound links, quality or website and web page linking are determining factors along with the age of the site and domain being linked to, relevancy of the page, as well as the location of the links. Other factors include Alt tags in image linking, TLD authority, location or the server, and country specific domain.

These are just four of the primary factors that Google take into account in ranking websites. PhilWebServices, a primary and trusted SEO service provider ensures client websites are properly prepped and strategically positioned to best maximize their online presence. For more information on SEO of PhilWebServices, visit their website at www.philwebservices.com .