Two Types Of Shopping Cart Solution

Before choosing which shopping cart solution you will use, you have to determine first which type of shopping cart that fits for your business. And there are two types of shopping carts solution that you need to know that will guide you in your selection process. The first type is called hosted shopping carts and the other type is called distributed shopping carts.


This type of shopping cart solution is easy to use and is good for people who do not have much knowledge on the technical side of shopping carts. It uses interface in the administrator’s area for it to control the features such as, editing of product catalog, adding or removing files, bandwidth used and the likes. The source code is limited so the modifications are limited as well. With this type of shopping cart, you can not customize and change your shopping cart templates. The payment term of this type is either monthly or annual basis and it is the manufacturer who provides the hosting platform in which the shopping cart will be activated.


In comparison to the first type of shopping cart, this one is a favorite to people who are knowledgeable in the technical side of shopping cart solutions. Since it comes with source codes, web programmers, web designers and web developers can play around and be creative in customizing and designing the shopping cart templates. They can modify anything on the shopping carts and it is more preferred for people who wants variation in their shopping carts. Unlike hosted shopping cart, this type can be bought with one-time along with a lifetime license. Another good thing about distributed shopping cart is it can be installed in any server as long as it is compatible with the software. It can also be managed through the administration panel.

With these insights in mind, you can now start on selecting which shopping cart solution best suit for your online business. Whether you choose the hosted or distributed, always go for the ones that will benefit your online business.

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