Tribute To The Elderly

As another outreach activity, the team from PhilWebServices take time to visit and share some blessings to the “lolo’s and lola’s” (grandparents) in Gasa Sa Gugma, Home For The Dying Destitute last Saturday, January 30, 2010.

Gasa Sa Gugma is a home for the elderly that is managed by nuns under the congregation of the Missionaries of Charity which is located in Cabantan St., Mabolo, Cebu City. It is the nuns from the congregation who patiently and compassionately serve and take good care of our beloved elderly which counts from more than 50 elders.

PhilWebServices’ employees render a song number and a dance number dedicated to the “lolo’s and lola’s” that bought happiness and smiles on their faces which happens to be our goal in every outreach activity. Enthusiastically, lola Flora who is already 60 years old, instantly danced in the center stage along with the graceful dancers in PhilWebServices. Another talented lolo, lolo Tony, shares two acoustic songs which were enjoyed by everybody.

Aside from entertaining our elderly with our talents, we did not forget to give them our little surprise. We shared some food, clothes, and other necessities that are needed for their daily living at the place. Since we can’t stay long in the place, we bid goodbyes to our lolo’s and lola’s with gratitude for the little time that we had spent with them.

Every outreach program by the company gave us a wonderful experience and a feeling of fulfillment of being a blessing not just to the elders but to our partner community as well.

For some reasons, we were not allowed to take photos with the our elders.





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