Top 10 Highly Effective Ways to Enhance Website Usability

Enhancing website usability basically focuses on making it supremely easier for your online visitors to locate information on your website. This element, often overlooked in web design and development, actually plays a major factor in the sustainability and success of a website. In this day and age, people prefer to get the information they want, when they want, fast. So how do you and your web design and development company rise up to this challenge? Read on and find out for yourself.

1. Tagline

Like in any marketing campaign, a company’s tagline basically summarized what the company is all about. It is usually placed under the logo. This way, when a visitor is looking up your website, they will instantly understand what you do, the products and services you offer. Needless to say, it should be catchy enough to attract interest and improve brand recall.

2. Search Box

This is one of the most important element in any website as it allows your visitor to conveniently obtain results and filter information by keying in particular keywords. This makes it easier for them to browse and navigate through the pages of your site with ease.

3. Avoid the Use of Irrelevant Images

To fully maximize the message of your content, make sure that the graphics used complement it. Images should be well chosen top appropriately illustrate or represent what the content is all about. You definitely would not want to confuse your visitors now. To ensure this, work closely with your web design and development service provider for in the choice of images and graphics that properly conveys your content and ideas.

4. Sitemap

In any web design and development project, a sitemap is regarded as an integral element. This presents a hierarchical list of the the web pages in your website as well as their corresponding links. This is a must for any Search Engine Optimization campaign and immensely improves navigability of your website.

5. Link Colors

Sure you have all the important links in place, but if it is not properly highlighted, then it defeats its purpose. Hyperlinks are usually indicated in blue so it stands out form the rest of your content. Visited links should be indicated in pale purple as a guide for your users and makes it easier for them to browse through the pages.

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