Tips In On-Page SEO Method

In every search engine optimization or SEO, keyword research is the essential element in maximizing the volume of traffic to your website. Once you have accomplish this, you now have to implement those relevant keywords through the internal SEO or On-Page SEO method. Now, here are some ways in implementing keywords for on-page SEO method to your website.

1. URL Structure

          It is a must that your domain name contains rich keyword that is basically relevant to the nature of your business. Also, each web page within the website must contain rich keyword URLS. For instance, if the page is about “little blue widgets” then it must be something like “/little-blue-widgets.hmtl.” In this way, it will help in increasing the page’s significance.

2. Content

          Good Quality content is always salient in attaining higher rankings in major search engine sites. However, the top priority in writing content must be for readers and not for search engines only. In constructing your content, you still have to base your contents on your target keywords but be very careful still because Google and other search engines know when you are try to do spamming on keywords.

3. Page Title

          When it comes to page rank, one of the most crucial elements is the page title. Make sure to use your effective keyword and avoid having more than two keywords on each page title.

4. Page Description

          Even if Google says that page description does not really affect the ranking but in a way, it really helps in having a description that consists of the target keywords. This will give users a hint on what the page is all about. If keywords are there, users will further click on the page to get more information.

5. Header Tags

          Header Tags give importance to the web pages. As always, it is a great idea to implement your target keyword title for each page as H1. This will guide search engines in knowing the relevance of a certain page.

Try to implement relevant and influential keywords in these essential elements in on-page SEO method and be surprise with the results.

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