Tips In Effective SEO

If you are already finish in creating your website, the next thing you must do is to make your website a search engine friendly one. This is very important so that internet users can easily locate your website in search engine result pages. Here are some tips on how your website can achieve effective search engine optimization or SEO.

Domain Name. In choosing a domain name, it must be short and relevant to the services and products your website is offering. With the aid of keyword research tool, you can have keywords that are related to your website. Just avoid using broad keywords because all of them are already not available for use. Some other people already used it. But still, choose a domain name that is related to your website.

Keyword Research. You need to acquire keywords that are connected to your website’s offerings. You can use some keyword research tool for this application. A good and effective keyword research tool is Google Adwords keyword tool which is free. Just do some Google search of the link of the research tool and then you can start on acquiring related keywords for your website. For instance, the nature of your website is “web hosting”, key in the word and the research tool will give you lists of related keywords that people usually use in searching for “web hosting”. The tool also gives you percentage on how many people use that certain keyword.

Quality Content. You have to compose quality content with the use of texts and graphics. For texts, short paragraphs are good then just separate the text with headings or H1 tag and sub heading or H2 tags. In every page, use one H1 tag and always remember to use keywords in both H1 and H2 tags. What people usually do in visiting a website is they just scan the site and do not read the web pages, one tip is to just put bulleted items so it is easy for them to scan your website and try to look for something that will interest them.

Title Tag. For your website title, just limit it to 50 characters. It must be meaningful and must contain related keywords as well.

Meta Tag. There are two attribute of meta tag and the description of meta tag happens to be the vital basis for search engine crawler. The first attribute is the NAME = “description” and second is CONTENT = “the site’s content”. In every description, you only need to use a few sentences. Again, it must contain related keywords and must be relevant to your website.
With these tips, you can now start making your website search engine friendly and achieve on being on the top lists of the major search engines.

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