Three T’s In Making a Website

In the world where technology is overruling man’s satisfaction, computers, cellphones, iPads and gadgets are well merchandised as well as the cyberspace with its virtual existence. Websites come along with these technology offspring helping each person communicate and connect throughout the world any time anywhere. Though there have been so many advances made in the cyberspace, making a website is still a good query for everyone. So how does really making a site work? Well, like any other process, it comes in easy steps. They are called the 3 T’s- Think, Theme and Transact.

Think a link
Well, this first step is of course the most exciting part of making a website where you imagine the future of your site with its name, or shall we say its domain name. You have to think of a name that suits the intentions of the website you want to make. Just for example, you sell fruits, then you can make a domain name Creating a name is the first step of selling and advertising your sight. You have to make a name that defines your site and your intention as a site owner.

Theme your scheme
After naming your site, you can think of something creative, fresh and invigorating theme that will suit your name. Taking the first example, you can have a theme of yellow, green and black. Making a website is not just an intellectual application; it also drags the artistry out of you.

Transact the pack
Well, your site is the package you shall get after paying for your site’s space in the cyber world, but you shall not pay for the space but for your existence. You shall pay for the name of your site to enable its functionality and appearance to every search engine. This step of making a website opens you to the opportunity of gaining more and much more.