The Underrated Importance of Sitemaps

As we all know SEO is a constantly evolving medium. There are been a number of published tricks and tips on how to effectively optimize a website, but all too often people have forgotten the importance of a sitemap in the equation for online success. A sitemap is one of the most basic prerequisite in SEO, a simple yet highly crucial element in the efficacy of an SEO campaign.

As its name implies, a sitemap is basically a map or outline of your website. This is comprised of a single page showing the structure of your website, indicating all the available sections as well as the links between them. This makes navigating through a website supremely easier both of the online visitors and search engines. Needless to say, sitemaps is one of the initial method of communicating with search engines and basically telling them where you would like them to go around your web site.This is why sitemaps has long been established as an integral part of the best SEO practices.

For a website, two sitemaps is necessary, one is in HTML form which is designed for human visitors and the other is in XML format especially designed for search engine bots. The use of sitemaps has a number of benefits, which is not only limited to better navigation and visibility by the search engines. Its use can also notify the spiders if there are any changes in your website, making such changes to be indexed faster. So if your website is relatively new or you have a number of pages that were recently updated, having an updated sitemap significantly increases you chances of being indexed faster. Sure, there are number of new and more innovative approaches in SEO, introduced on a daily basis. But the use of sitemap should never be undermined nor overlooked.

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