The Common Errors In SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous process for it is always changing, for there are always latest trends, new techniques and strategies to achieve success in SEO. But there are still some who do not know the common errors of SEO which lead to a bad ranking.

Knowing the right key phrases and consistency in link building will guide you in avoiding these errors. So what are these common errors that hinder in achieving a successful ranking?

Tagging pages with irrelevant key phrases.
          Webmasters forget that titles are the most relevant part of a web page. It is through the title that the search engine spiders will look first and then make an evaluation on that page. Your title must be parallel to your content in order for the spiders to better assess your web page. A good way in informing the spiders about your page is placing title tags. It is one of the basis of search engines in giving your page a high ranking. So make sure to put relevant keywords and key phrases in your title tags.

Outdated content and Bad content.
         Since there is a wide competition in the web industry, it is critical to always have an updated content which is unique and at the same time informative. So there will be sufficient content for the search engine to read. With outdated and bad content, search engines will perceive your website as an irrelevant site and this will surely hinder in achieving higher rankings. To avoid this, you can also seek for someone who is good in writing quality content for your website.

Optimization of incorrect keywords.
         Before optimizing any keyword, make sure to do a keyword research. It is very important to use the correct keyword. Figure out who your target audience are and what they are up to so it would be easy for you to use keywords that will surely benefit in their searches for certain product or service. Refrain from using too generic keywords, rather use keywords that only have less competition but are still relevant to your page.

Inconsistency in link building.
         The process of attaining more incoming links to your page is called link building. It will help your website in achieving higher rankings. Same with SEO, link building is also a continuous practice. Therefore, always do link building through commenting in blogs, submissions in directory, article marketing and other basic practices.

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