So You Want A Low-Maintenance Business Site?

Over the years, more and more companies have seen the advantages and benefits of having an online presence. This is because, the web offers a myriad of income opportunities and lead generation, all without the large expense. But the main concern of many businesses today is the technical side of managing a website. For many small and medium firms, retaining a full time IT professional is not a feasible solution. The practical answer? Get your web design and development company come up with a low-maintenance business website. Here are some valuable tips you want to take into consideration.


WordPress has increased popularity these days not just for personal blog sites and ecommerce sites as well. This is because of the ease and convenience of WordPess, especially when your site requires constant content update. The great thing about WordPress is the fact that it is extremely user-friendly and low maintenance making it more accessible for the less savvy.

Eliminate Unnecessary Details

Sure, one would initially want their site to have all the bells and whistles. But if you want something practical and workable, stick to simple and straightforward design and discuss this with your web design and development. This will not only cut down the time in the web design and development, it will also be easier for your clients to navigate around without all the frills and distractions.

Clean Coding

Require this from your web design and development company. Be sure all pages have no broken links and errors. Cluttered coding will not only increase the loading time, it can also seriously compromise the performance and credibility of the website.

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