Small Business to Start for Additional Income

A lot of people has the wrong notion that when it’s “business”, right away what comes to the mind are the business tycoons, millions of investments and others. This might be true but all business started small. So if you want to create an income stream aside from your regular job, think in a level-headed way, consider your resources and start business from it. Here are few small business ideas to start:

1. Loading Business – If you wish to start a small business with little investment, cellular phone loading is ideal for you. The great thing about this is you can do it part – time. This requires very less time, not so demanding and you can do this everywhere you are.

2. Direct Selling – This business also requires very less financial investment. Direct selling is easy to start because it only requires membership of registration fees. Most of the fees are about 1,000 Php only with free products. Examples of direct selling companies in the Philippines are Tupperware, Avon and Human Nature.

3. Snacks and Lunch – Everybody eats. The food industry is one of the most reliable investments anytime. To start this business, what you need are special cooking skills; if you know how to bake, you can sell snacks like cookies, cupcakes, breads and pudding; if you know how to cook full courses, you can consign lunches delivered to company offices.

4. Tutorial Services – This intellectual small business is easy to start. Editing articles, journals and school reports can be financially rewarding. Just do make sure your knowledge with these fields is substantial. Or another alternative is tutoring grade school students, assisting their homework and helping them in their projects since most parents are too busy to do this.

5. Facebook Reselling – Social media is one the cheapest and easiest way to start a small business. You can resell clothes, accessories and other items online through Facebook. It’s free and needs less capital. All you need is to update frequently, answer comments and inquiries.

With a capital of 3000 – 5000 Php, start earning extra. Little sacrifices for a brighter future.