Selecting A Payment Gateway

Without any doubt, payment gateways are very important when it comes to online business. If you want to put up an online business, first step is to have a business plan which includes the selection of which payment gateway you will utilize for your online business.

Selecting the right payment gateway for your online store is a huge factor in your online business’ success and even to your business downfall as well. Here are some important notes to think of before selecting which payment gateway you will use in your online business. This will surely guide you in making the right decision.

You have to determine first what payment gateways, the shopping cart software you want to use in your website supports. If you are still having a hard time on choosing what shopping cart software to use then it will be a big help if you base your decision on the shopping cart solution, for there are plenty of shopping carts that give you a lot of options in choosing payment gateways.

You also have to examine very carefully how good is it when it comes to detecting fraud. The need for this technology depends on how likely your online business deal with fraudulent transactions. This will avoid any possible problems you will encounter and it will also help in the security of your online business. If your business involves ordering through telephone then you really need a virtual terminal in your payment gateway.

Another thing to consider is the other form of fees. You have to ask if there are some repeating fees in the services that you are utilizing for the payment gateway like regular subscriptions. You also need to be aware of the processes and you have to double check if the payment gateway supports this.

Furthermore, you have to be knowledgeable of the hidden fees that the payment gateway is charging such as transaction fee, withdrawal fee, charge back fee, set up fee, fraud detection and the likes. Analyze which payment gateway charges the lesser along with the hidden fees and then choose the one that could be your advantage.

Selecting a payment gateway really depends on the type of your online store, on your target customers and the efficiency on the whole payment transaction.

PhilWebServices Global Solutions Inc, offers customized payment gateway solutions that will best suit individual client’s requirements with a variety of options that include a wide acceptance of credit cards. Among the specific features of our payment gateway solution includes: customized web based interfaces, online transaction risk mitigation, support for all VISA/Master Card transactions, online transaction fraud detection and integration of the total payment process.

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