Pointer On Converting PSD Format Into HTML and CSS

When it comes to creating a web design for your website, Photoshop is the most preferred tool used by almost all web designers. Since it is considered as the leading digital image editing tool for the internet and it allows web designers to create various designs using this tool.

Every created design of Photoshop is saved into a PSD file which is a format that is widely used and is compatible in other competing softwares. This file format can be converted to CSS code as well and allows a designer to display his/her PSD dile on the internet.

Inevitably, designers are encountering some problems in converting PSD file format designs into a valid CSS code because PSD format is not that web friendly format and there are plenty of different kinds of coding languages used on the world wide web. The basic language used is the Hyper Text Markup Language or the HTML language .

It is not that difficult to convert a PSD file format into CSS as long as you have enough knowledge on what you are doing. Although, the whole conversion process can be time consuming because designers still have to hand code some HTML language to have a good quality of web design.

Here’s one of the many ways in converting a PSD file format into a valid CSS. First, open the file with photoshop. Second, with the use of Image ready you can now edit the file. Third, slice the document. This will support you in defining all the different parts of your website like the banner, the header, etc. using “slice” tool. Fourth, once the document have that blue number quoted lines and squares, you need to specify in the image ready to the output settings. Fifth, choose now the CSS export which is seen inside the Output Settings menu and wait until it validates your settings. Lastly, save the optimized file to fully convert the PSD file into a valid CSS.

It is just indeed a simple method in converting PSD into a valid CSS. But to have a good quality conversion, you can still edit and hand code to revise some part of it and be satisfied with the outcome. There are also professional coders that can hand code the CSS/HTML code for your website needs.

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