PhilWebServices: From Humble Beginnings to World Class Philippine IT Company

PHILWEBSERVICES, INC. is a Philippine-based IT company operating in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The company was founded in 2003 by its CEO and President, Mr. Von Rod Limpot and started out by tapping the skills and talents of on-the-job trainees and IT students who are interested in earning extra income on the side. From its humble beginnings, the company steadily grew and branched out from offering web hosting service, to web design and development and search engine optimization services.

Today, 90% of the PhilWebServices’ clients are from the United States, Europe and Australia, catering mostly on providing outsourced IT services to web development companies. The company was among the very first ones to offer dedicated IT Services, wherein, a client may be able to get a services of a programmer, designer or SEO specialist, and have this staff work exclusively on the client’s project from Mondays-Fridays, 8 hours a day, 160 hours a month at a fixed monthly rate.

This has proven to be a viable option for companies that require the services and expertise of an IT staff, without having to deal with labor and management, nor invest in hardware and software. A client simply has to pay a reasonable fixed monthly rate, he will be able to directly communicate with the staff, just like working with someone from the other side of the room. With all communication channels readily available and accessible, this setup proved to be favorable with companies looking to outsource their IT.

Like most outsourcing companies operating today, PhilWebServices also had its share of setbacks, being vulnerable to the widespread economic crisis in the United States as well as the cutthroat competition ensued by Indians service provider. In order to keep its lead, PhilWebServices has gone beyond delivering quality services,offering clients after sales support, and a proactive management ready to attend, supervise and monitor the performance of their staff. This strategic approach has given the company its competitive edge that allowed it to survived and thrive despite the economic downturns and competition. Today, PhilWebServices continues to operate in its Mandaue City office, with approximately 50 employees.

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