Methods In Having An Effective Ecommerce Design

The effectiveness of building an ecommerce website depends on the web designer. If he or she takes into consideration the essential elements of ecommerce web design. Elements that are not merely on the aesthetic aspect but rather elements that assure to effectively meet the objectives of having an ecommerce website which are, to satisfy the […]


Factors To Consider When Outsourcing Overseas

By PhilWebServices, Mar. 10, 2010

Outsourcing overseas becomes an important decision to make for most companies who want to cut down their costs with reasonable labor and expertise of certain field. However, outsourcing your project is not that easy. It needs to collaborate with the right kind of outsourcing provider to assure of a satisfactory result. And the process of outsourcing overseas involves a variety of factors to be considered.

Quality of work. This is one important factor that needs to be carefully deliberated. If the provider you chose is in demand in the market, that could be a good gauge that the provider is capable of rendering quality service. There are also a lot of ways on how you can actually determine the quality of a provider’s work, it can be through asking their previous clients, looking closely on their portfolio, forums, and other possible resources.

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How To Implement SEO Appropriately

By Von Rod Limpot, Mar. 8, 2010

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is proven to be an effective tactic in catching more visitors to a certain website. It contains a lot of SEO strategies that you can utilize for your website. However, you cannot achieve its purpose if you do not conduct the proper execution of SEO.

Before you start your attempt on optimizing your website, you need to be knowledgeable in some crucial aspects with regards to proper implementation of SEO for your website.

1. Keyword Research

          Conceptualize on all keywords that are connected to your website. This includes your products and services, location and other word variations that are related to your business. Always consider yourself as a customer, then think what would be the possible keyword to type in search engines. When you researched your lists of keywords, try to check its popularity through keyword tools. There, you will have an idea on how popular that certain keyword is and how competitive that keyword is.

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Tips In Achieving An Effective Homepage

By PhilWebServices, Mar. 8, 2010

A homepage is considered the most important part of a website. This is because, it is the landing page of customers who want to check your site. They evaluate the effectiveness of a homepage based on how you present it. Also, it is through the homepage that a customer would love to stay long in your website or would instantly abandoned your site.

Now, how can you achieve a powerful homepage? Here are some tips to remember that are useful for your homepage so customers would love to browse your website and would like to come back over and over again.

Fast-Loading Homepage. If possible, do not keep your visitors wait for a long time just to check the entire content of your homepage. Your home page including other web pages should only load in eight seconds or less. Visitors lose patience in homepages that run slow which lead to abandoning the website and visitors will go to the other competing site.

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Determining Disk Space & Bandwidth For Small Business Sites

By Von Rod Limpot, Mar. 4, 2010

Disk Space and Bandwidth are the two essential elements in establishing a website. They are a requisite in order for your website to perform well and to accommodate customers properly. However, you can estimate the perfect amount of disk space and bandwidth depending on what type of website you want to have.

For small businesses, it is usually classified into three types, mini-sites, brochure sites and theme-based sites. Each classification also requires their segregated amount of disk space and bandwidth.


This refers to one-product site. It only focuses on a single item for sale. It usually contains two to three pages. Its main purpose is to collect contact information from customers and try to market the products at a later time. Mini-site does not necessarily require a tremendous amount of disk space. It is considered a good start if you are new in the industry. Once you already gain popularity and already established customer base, you can update your bandwidth and disk space anytime.

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Things To Consider When Outsourcing Web Application

By PhilWebServices, Mar. 3, 2010

Outsourcing is continuously a top choice of business owners in providing quality solutions to their customers in today’s market. Even in developing a website, which happens to be a necessity to all sizes of businesses, outsourcing brings convenience to business owners in developing their website and other required web application. This involves proper planning, designing, development, testing and implementation of the website.

As you make your first step in finding for an ideal outsourcing provider for developing your website and other web applications, here are some things that you need to know.

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How Customer-Centered Methods Help In Ecommerce Success

By Von Rod Limpot, Mar. 3, 2010

The second most important key player that plays an important role in your business is the customer. Putting emphasis on customers is one crucial aspect to any ecommerce venture. Simply because, they are the reason why you build up your business online. Hence, the main purpose of this is to serve customers with good quality of service. This can be attained by establishing a customer-centered business.

Below are some customer-centered methods for you to build a good impression with your customers. Remember, customers must always be the primary concern of your business in order to achieve ecommerce success.


A catchy name that represents your business in the internet is very crucial. It is not good to just invent a name for the sake of having a name for your business. It needs to be briefly conceptualized and to always consider that customers must easily remember the name of your business. Most especially, if they enjoyed doing business transaction with you.

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