Online Marketing Strategy: What Videos Have to Say

YouTube (YT) has been dominantly ruled the video market today. People go to YouTube when they want to watch something. The power of video in this media can make a phenomenal hit in split second. YouTube celebrities like Michelle Pham, Juicy Star and All That Glitters are examples of how influential videos can be! Michelle Phan – after months of uploading make up videos in YT made her a spokesperson for the high end make up Lancôme. The sisters Juicy Star and All That Glitters were requested in several talk shows in the US. Plus, they were in demand in teen magazines; and now they run a successful online shop which sells their custom made accessories. All credits to their YT videos. One conclusion we can draw from this is the capacity of videos to be an effective tool in online marketing strategy with proven remarkable effects.

Why Use Videos?
1. It is easier to listen than to read. Most people want to listen rather than move their eyes left to right. Videos make people engage and interact more. They not only see but they listen, they do not only see, but they watch. More senses are used; the more engaged they are, the stronger the response.
2. Video is a straight-forward online marketing strategy. Videos hold the audience much longer than in reading. Videos present higher memory-recall and that is exactly what online marketing strategy is all about. People have greater tendency to finish what s/he has started to watch. It captures a longer attention span of the audience thus; it is blueprinted in his/her mind.
3. Entertainment is the key element in online marketing strategy. Watching videos is far more entertaining than reading. Have you ever heard of “video goes viral”? One video can have 1 million hits in 24 hours. This is a solid proof, a relevant example of how powerful videos are in online marketing strategy.
4. Videos increases rankings once shared because it is visually optimized with robust texts in titles and descriptions.
5. Videos build credibility in online marketing strategy. How? They feel like they know who they are talking to. They hear the voice; they see the actual movements and the gestures. These are absent in plain reading. Imagination is used in reading to create pictures in the mind, but videos hand-in everything to the audience. It’s more potent.

Making promotional videos or video blog a.k.a. “vlog” is an online marketing strategy builds you social persona – Who are you in this market? What do you want to represent? Frame your social persona thru videos so channelizing your message appears more direct, engaged and of course, marketable.