Online Marketing Course For Free: A Review of

One of the happiest days in life is receiving free items. Online marketers are in demand this time. Gladly enough, there are generous websites willing to supply the demand by giving out free online marketing courses through podcasts. Although these podcasts are not sequential in nature, it is informative and independent which can be viewed separately.

The website is by American Marketing Association under the domain This online marketing course podcasts on this website contains interviews of speaker luminaries in the marketing field. The online marketing course topics range from branding to return of investments to sales pitching. The unpaid online marketing course podcasts are not chronologically set; therefore, one has the freedom to jump from podcast to another. Although we all know that it is proper to start learning at the most basic level especially in online marketing courses, the podcasts are general in terms of subjects so viewing them in order is not necessary. Each podcast contains marketing insights. This website is ideal for the budding marketing neophyte as well as the advance pro-marketers.

The AMA site does offer for free reading their AMA publications such as journals, magazines, newsletters and even books with several terrific contents. These tools are so much of help in further enhancing their online marketing course. Adding icing to the cake, these podcasts are downloadable anytime and can be viewed offline at your convenient time. Apple savvy consumers can shout for joy since these are available in itunes. Each session airs sufficiently at 20 minutes per week. The only requirement for this online marketing course is to simply subscribe to the sites RSS feed.

There is no better way to acquire new ideas and information in marketing than learning it from the international business tycoons and renowned marketing leaders for absolute free.