Online Business Tip: Video Blog or Vlog

Generally, the visitors on a page spend twice longer than on a blog or page if there is a video embedded. Videos make the site more personal because unlike plain photographs, in videos the person appears just as he is in personal. Creating a video for online business can be done with a minimal cost. But do make sure the online business video you’re going to tape looks professional, decent and cleanly edited.

Things to Consider in Making Online Business Video

Identify your Audience
Just like in writing, in making online business video, identifying the target audience is significant in the concept of your video. For instance, if your viewers are teachers, you could have chalkboard or books, as a background. If your viewers are athletes, doing the video in the gym might be proper.

Avoid Monotony
When doing online business videos, avoid monotony. Do not make your videos boring and excessively long. Online business video must be fast-paced and not slow that it tends to be draggy otherwise viewers are tempted not to finish the entire run.

Be Engaging
Create videos that encourage viewers to talk. Viewers watches a video something they can personally relate to.

Keep it Short and Simple
Online business video must be concise. Keep it short and simple by forwardly conveying the message what you want to say. Extra long videos maims the enthusiasm of the viewers. An average duration of 5 minutes on online business video is ideal.

The secret to online business video is to find balance between advertising your product and costumer’s entertainment. Having a video for your online business may increase exposure and may help acquire new skills if done strategically.


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