Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing is gaining its spur through a better approach of skillful talents at a low cost, a good communication and coordination endured by technology, a 24/7 of work cycle, etc. If executed systematically, Offshore outsourcing will lead to increased savings.

The first step and the most crucial one is choosing the right outsourcing partner that accommodates your business needs. Be careful with this one since plenty of outsourcing companies are claiming that they all meet the essential requirements for becoming your ultimate offshore partner. A certified outsourcer has a comprehensive evaluation standards before collaborating with a right outsourcing vendor.

Before selecting an offshore vendor, select first the country and evaluate each offshore destination in line with your outsourcing requirements. Some most offshoring locations are Philippines, China, Russia and India. Evaluate the affinity of outsourcing related regulations of other countries with those of your own country.

After selecting a suitable location, decide now on the kind of delivery model that best fit for your project. It’s between an entire offshore model or a global directory model. Choose which model that will fit for your outsourced project. You can now ask a Request for Information (RFI) from chosen offshore vendors which will have brief informations regarding the overall company’s approach, the employee’s information and the technology and project management. The overall outsourcing industry scheme must be fully understood by the outsoucer. It is indeed true that Outsourcing is a long period of investment with not much instant gains.

Next step would be examining the differnet outsourcing vendors based on the common standards. Determine each vendor against common points like in-depth knowledge of the industy, technical skill aspect, cultural versatility, quality standards, cost, ethics obeyed, etc.

After you simplify your choosen vendors, try a pilot project. This small and non mission-critical project, will guide you to fully examined the short listed offshore vendors. Through the outcome, you can decide on which offshore vendors cater the needs of your project.

It is advisable to do a personal check of the offshore site before signing the final contract. This helps in justifying the affirmations done by the selected offshore vendor. Through interacting with the offshore team, you can figure out their working attitude and their flexibility to collaborate with a team based from another country.

It’s important to do a close monitoring of the performance of your offshore vendor, this will help in keeping the project on the right track. This helps in recognizing and working out any differences and problems that inevitably occur. Constantly monitoring the offshore site can you an idea of the amount of progress of your outsorced project.

PHILWEBSERVICES, INC. is one of the outsourcing giants in the Philippines. If you are thinking of considering our services, here are some essential facts that you need to know to be able to gain a better grasp on how the outsourcing industry works. These information will absolutely enlighten you on the basic facts and will help you decide on choosing an offshore outsourcing partner.

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