Notes On Payment Gateway And Its Types

The applications that are used to ease up payment in ecommerce stores are called payment gateways. In dealing with business transactions online, consumers usually use credit cards as a form of payment in purchasing certain products or services. The process behind this is, before receiving any payment via credit card, they first pass through a merchant account with a bank and it is then the payment gateway that connects the a certain website to the bank.

The relevance of payment gateway in any online payment transactions is that it allows swift processing of payment. With just waiting for minutes or even seconds, one can immediately receive the money being transferred. No more worries on when the payment would arrive or if the payment reached to the intended person.

Payment gateways are classified into three different kinds. First kind is payment gateway that uses an Application Programming Interface or API. This kind of gateway needs a secure certificate in the server and secure certificates cost a lot that is why it is somewhat expensive to maintain. On the brighter side, payment gateways with API can make the payment transactions easier for the customers and for online business owners as well for API does not need a lot of support.

Next type is the third-payment gateway. For this type, the consumer does all the choosing, purchasing and buying of the desired products in the online store and for the payment process, the customer is guided to a page wherein he or she does the actual payment.

The third kind of payment gateway is the integrated payment gateway. This type does not require a merchant account from a bank and it provides a simple means of payment which is very compatible to any online businesses. A famous example of integrated payment gateway is PayPal.

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