New Generation of Customers Goes Wi-Fi

Usually, client satisfaction is powered simply by the availability of a certain product. In addition to the client’s happiness the staff’s potential to assist a particular buyer is very much valued. This kind of buying transaction these days has been tremendously changed by the new generation of consumers who demands and acts quite differently.

According to the recent research conducted by the New York Times, the new generation of shoppers prefers technology than actual staff assistance. Nordstrom, a big fish in the online selling industry, is taken aback by consumer’s response of latest applications available. How surprising it is that not only people from the remote areas show interest in their mobile application download but nonetheless, walk-in customers are in fact demanding a faster Wi-Fi connection.

According to online shopping pundits, the shopping experience has transformed. Customers are not tied to just one store but hops from one store to another which includes changing channels on applications.

Of what seemingly an irrepressible surge, study conducted by Brent King shows that half of the iphone users employ financial services via mobile. Phones will serve as an access point in all financial transactions where in all transactions are done at the palm of your hands, this in the foreseeable future.

Gone are the days of fake smiles and memorized spills heard at the entrance. For retail businesses such as banks, retail shops and brokerage, this implies one thing — that the whole business journey no longer starts at the doorway when the respective staffs greets “welcome”. The experience begins digitally – providing a Wi-Fi, user-friendly mobile apps and accessible websites. Good customer service technically means good mobile application. Poor mobile apps equates poor customer service.

The verdict is here is simple. Physical appearance of business is a valuable as corresponding mobile apps. Business should not take for granted the impression and judgment mobile apps can bring to the costumers. A new generation has indeed evolved embracing the technology for their advantage. This is quite something business should take a look into if they want to survive in the game.