Linux Web Hosting, a Better Choice?

Did you know that operating systems or OS’s do not only work in personal computers and notebooks? Eventually, it is also used in managing and creating web servers to enable a website to enter the World Wide Web and activate its purposes and goals. Operating systems come in various types and specifics. They differ in features, familiarity and of course prices. There are different OS’s, like Linux, which is used for Linux web hosting; Windows, which holds a fame in the web hosting industry because of the number of its support; Macintosh, the most uncommon of the OS’s which requires a personal hosting for better outputs and the last, Unix, which is likelier to Linux but far much cheaper and specific hardware.

The above operating systems allow the server to function, making every site also functional and operational. But, because of higher demand, web hosting service providers drive themselves on using the cheapest but efficient OS like in a Linux web hosting. Many have always remarked that the price of every commodity shall define its performance, but not for Linux, because if not for these, some small or minor sites have not become into beings as real websites.

Linux web hosting, in terms of accessing the server, differs to Windows, because in Linux, one can open and transfer information or data directly to the web server and have the chance to manipulate it while in the web server path through the use of telnet and ssh that only Linux offers. Just for the majority of sites, site hosted with the Linux OS ends up with *.html, while sites powered by Windows OS end in *.htm. If you’re looking for better database, Linux has it, primarily because it has both the MySQL and Access while Windows only has Access. Remember, choosing web hosting services is about your needs, not just your wants.

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  1. Rolf Stenberg February 6, 2012