Kinds Of Ecommerce Solution

If your business is starting to hit with your target customers, then you probably need to process on developing your own website to target the international market. Since the nature of your business is selling products online then you have to choose on which ecommerce solution to apply.

Ecommerce is similar to web hosting, the only difference is that it involves monetary transactions between a merchant and a customer. And nowadays, there are plenty of ecommerce solution to choose from.

SHOPPING CARTS. It is a shared solution that links to your website which allows a customer to select, collect and purchase all chosen items. This type of ecommerce solution best fit for any size of business, small, medium or big businesses who want to utilize a simple yet secure order and payment system though it has a higher fee rates in processing the payment. The primary shopping cart provider is of course, Pay Pal.

HOSTED ECOMMERCE. This type of ecommerce solution is hosted by a provider. It provides comprehensive functionality for an in demand environment. Aside from hosting the site, they also include services like product catalog, shopping cart, order management and transaction processing.

DEDICATED ECOMMERCE. It is an enterprise ecommerce solution which have custom built of wide set of ecommerce packages. This requires a huge upfront investment, from capital, time and dedicated staff, and ongoing maintenance. For companies that earned more than $10 million a year, this is the right solution for you.

OUTSOURCE ECOMMERCE. This kind of ecommerce solution is affiliating with an outsource provider to do the job. This outsource provider does not only create, and host the solution but they do also online marketing, customer support and delivery of resources. As payment, they take 20-30% of your revenue from your online sales. Those companies that sell higher margin of products like branded consumer products use this ecommerce solution.

The ecommerce solution for your website depends on the needs of your business. It varies on the number of items you are selling and its prices, the variation of the products and the likes. So do a lot of researching and make a lot of planning to figure out which solution answers your website’s needs.

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