Keyword Density and Keyword Placement

Keywords are definitely not to be ignored in Search Engine Optimization. It is so crucial that it needs to be properly impose so you can achieve a good result for your online prominence. Failing in SEO is truly disappointing and frustrating. The effort and money you have invested went for nothing.

In order for your website to prosper, you must be aware of the right combination and proper balance of keyword density and keyword placement. These are two essential factors in applying keywords as an SEO Method. What are then the difference between keyword density and keyword placement?

Keyword Density. It is the amount of keywords used in the entire content of your website. It is determined in terms of percentage for instance, In a 500-word article, there are 5 keywords used, then the keyword density would be 1%. Although there is no specific percentage as to how percent is to use but in general frame, most people use 1% to 5% keyword density. This is already considered a great way increasing your search engine listings.

Keyword Placement. Literally, it refers to the placement of the keywords within your website. It includes both from the content and the design of the website. As the search engine spiders crawl in your website, placing keywords in the proper areas play a critical role. SEO experts advised to place keywords within the first and last 25 words of each content and in the middle of the content. Sub-keywords are also helpful in bringing more targeted search in your website. Title tags, meta tags and anchor text are also applicable.

In utilizing keywords for your website, just be very careful because search engines are smart enough in determining keywords spamming. Follow the amount of keyword density and the proper keyword placement so you will be able to reach a spot in major search engine rankings.

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