Is Your Website Ready for the Average User?

For the tech-savvy, the use of Internet and new technology can be fairly easy. A few minutes, and one can easily figure out the ins and outs of an application or the functionality of a website. However, in the real world, we have to consider the fact that not all people share the same proficiency in navigating their way around the web. Others easily get lost in the maze and lose interest altogether. Now, if these are prospective clients, then that would easily translate to loss of sales. These people are known as the average users.

To further identify the things you can do to enhance usability of your website for average users and what are the things you need to avoid.

Known URL

Let’s say the user knows the URL of the website. For savvy web users, they would easily type it in the address bar and be able to easily retrieve the page or be directed to the website without any problem. But surprisingly, novice users tend to key in the URL in the Google search bar or whatever search engine they are using. According to statistics, a lot of people actually do this instead of typing directly in the address bar. Now, this is not a real problem since it will still lead them to the website, albeit longer than necessary. But this poses a problem if your website is not listed in major search engines. If so, don’t be surprised to hear some clients complaining your website cannot be found.

Review Search Engine Results

According to studies, when searching using certain keywords, the average user spends time reading the titles of the results, and only click on the hyperlinks on the results that they find relevant to time. Why is this important? Pay better attention to your choice of keywords to be included in your Title Tag so many people can find more relevance in your pages and invite them to click on the link.

These are just a few of the things that you need to pay better attention when trying to make your site more usable for the average users. Remember, its not just about the design and content, you also need to give importance on the designing your sign to be easily navigation and use. What may seem to be simple for some, can be far too complex for many.