Internet Marketing: Facebook Posting

Facebook internet marketing today is seen as a strategic approach rather than just merely posting for updates. Businesses today are growing more aware of the need to market online especially through social networking sites. But if you browse over a variety of Facebook business fan pages, you would quickly see there is a thin line between a highly technical approach and direct sales pitching. In Facebook internet marketing, posting needs to be effective. So how do we post in Facebook?

Facebook Internet Marketing Post

Ideally, the best time for posting is the time when people are usually awake. Logically, at dawn people are asleep so this can be considered off peak hours. Peak hours are after office hours, break times and prime time at night. Internet marketers in Facebook should focus on these peak hours. On the other hand, posting on off peak hours does mean trash either, this would make loyal followers to be engage more on interaction.

The number of post also does matter. Although too much posting maybe be irritating but it increase memory retention and expands exposure. In internet marketing, the more number of posts, the greater chances of being scene online.

Posting photos on Facebook is a very effective way in internet marketing. It elicits more interaction and generates conversations. The more people engage they are, the more likely they’d be loyal to the business. With regards to text status updates, do not stuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey. Keep your posts not too long and not too short either. In Facebook internet marketing, posting concise and simple updates seem better but the key thing is making it more relational and interesting.

Strategic Facebook internet marketing boosts your company’s interaction between you and your costumers. Be fresh with your content, more personal, interesting and do not appear spammy.