Increasing Your Online Client Base Through Referral Marketing

For businessmen who have just recently ventured into the online world, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the challenges. But fret not, while the strategies may differ, the concept of online marketing is solidly founded upon the traditional approach. One of the effective ways widely used in the online market is referral marketing, which is a systematized approach of promoting a product or service through word of mouth. Here are some handy tips on how to go about this type of online marketing:

1. Introduce the Referral Program to New Clients Early On

When done right, you will enjoy a steady stream of customers. To do this, take time to introduce to all new clients your referral marketing concept. While you will not require outright referrals, you can encourage them to submit at least 3 referrals after 2 months of subscription and only if they are truly satisfied with the product or services.

2. Be more specific. When launching a referral program, don’t just simply ask your clients for referrals, get into the specifics such as what would be the ideal prospect for you.

3. Have a automated referral program in your website to so that clients can conveniently refer clients as well as look up for possible incentives they might get depending on the number of referrals made.

4. Inform everyone that you are building your business based on referrals. This can actually build your credibility and reliability as a service provider and of course make people more aware of the perks you offer.

5. Keep in touch with your clients. Build some sort of community with your clients and keep constant touch. Studies have shown that clients leave companies due to a perceived indifference of their providers.

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