How to Sell a Website – 4 Easy Ways

In making a decision of selling your own website, you’ve got to think over it a million times. Why? Primarily, it was your investment turned into profit. Secondly, it is your own work of art that no one can match it. Thirdly, you have allotted your time, effort, sleepless nights and even your break times. Well these reasons shall give up if you made up your verdict to sell it and let its management be handled by an owner you believe can keep the streamline like you have kept it. But how to sell a website can really be intriguing, how does it really work?

The preparation
In selling, you have to contemplate that you won’t have a sold product if your packaging is worse than that of an empty can. Meaning, sell your website and show the statistics like traffic stats, financial figures such as profits and losses, your sites history and the interests your sites account. When you found a potential owner or a willing buyer you will find out who shall be on the upper hand, because eagerness is one key point in buying and selling transactions. And in any case, as a seller, make the most out of being it and be on the terms you feel and you think is worthy of the sale.

How to sell a website
First, arrange the payment process and make it of course fair for the both of you; whether a 50% down payment would do or more than. Second, make a formal contract inclusive with the date, the deal matters, the price and the signatures of both parties. If you are dealing with big amounts of money, then you can have the assistance of a lawyer. Third, provide to him the different technical maintenance tools to your website like domain names, web hosting, mailing lists, subscriptions, autoresponders etc. And last, identify the length of your support for the new owner of your previous site, whether it would be for two or three months or even longer.