How To Select A Professional Web Designer

Making a presence in the world wide web has been a necessity to all business sectors. In order to create an effective one, you need to have a good web design to catch visitors’ attention. And the people behind formulating these amazing web designs, are the creative professional web designers.

Now adays, there are plenty of skilled web designers around the globe, free lance designer or a designer agency, which make choosing the best professional designer a challenging task.

In selecting a professional web designer, you have to consider some factors. Decide on what audience you are marketing. It is important to check the designer’s portfolio. How many design concepts they had created. You have to be keen on their recent or past creations. Make sure to check their sites and if they don’t all look the same, check the pages if it loads quickly, and most importantly, check if it’s easy to navigate to know that you will never feel lost in the site.

In approaching designers, be careful on the following aspects. When it comes to logo, ask them how they approach the branding process and how they build on your current branding. When coding sites, check if they validate all pages on the W3C validator. This will ensure that the pages are free from errors. When you require content management system (CMS) wherein this helps in managing the text on your pages without knowing any HTML, ask the designer first for recommendations. When it comes to search engines, find out what projects they have marketed on search engines. You can go to Google or if you have a Google toolbar installed, you can find it out in Page Rank of the site (a Page Rank 4 and upwards is generally regarded as acceptable, anything less than a 3 cloud do with further optimisation and site submission). It takes time to get listed on searh engines and even longer for the Google Page Rank to be updated. It would take like 3 months.

You can start your search in Google searches or find a site you like “the look of” and inquire who developed it. You can also consider PhilWebServices Global Solutions Inc. and check its portfolio. It is a Philippine-based company that offers a wide range of web technologies and solutions which also focuses on Web Development. It holds the portfolio of over 700 clients across the globe including, USA, Australia, Canada and more.

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