How To Properly Utilize Spaces In Web Design

In creating web pages, one always focuses on the things that are seen in the design or the aesthetic aspect of the design. Not knowing that spaces are also an important factor that gives a huge impact to the entire web design. These spaces serve an essential purpose for it sets the tone of your web design.

When designing your website, here are some things that you need to think about with regards to utilizing the space in your wed design.

White Space. It is also refer to the needed empty space in a certain page. Whit space provides balance, proportion, and contrast to the entire effect of your web page. White space also help in providing an elegant look in the page. Using white spaces can be tricky as well since it can also gives an impression of an empty website. However, there are effective ways on how to appropriately apply white spaces for your website.

Line Spacing. This refers to the spacing of the text in your site which happens to be very important so that visitors can easily read the information they are looking for. Be careful in utilizing the spaces because if you apply too close spaces, it can jump read one text to the other and if you apply too much spaces, it can make the eyes get lost between the spaces and the words. Anyhow, the line-height selector in CSS can help you in managing the proper line spacing for your web design.

Padding. This refers to the space place between pictures, videos and other elements found in a website aside from the text. It only needs to have a proper spacing in each element to make the surfer experience much easier and convenient.

Proper implementation of the spaces is important in every web design. This brings a professional look of every website and since information is what the visitors are up to, it is better to give out well-organize information from your website.

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