How To Keep Website Design Simple Yet Effective

“Keep It Simple” is one of the essential standards in achieving an effective website design. It must be applied to all features of your website, from the content to the design, navigation and so on. Here are some guidelines in implementing that simple look of your website and make it stand out among other competing websites.

Always think of your target audience.
Before providing features and services, always consider your target audience. Apply features that are only relevant to the website’s functionality as well as to your target audience. Adding insignificant features to your website only leads to waste of bandwidth and customer’s time.

Avoid features that require higher bandwidth.
Features like audio and video takes a lot of bandwidth. If there is really a need to put these features, just make sure to apply it appropriately for they can take time in loading your web pages. It will cause customers to just close your website and go to the other competing websites.

Simplify your language and your thought.
Your language must be simple, concise and easy to understand. Avoid using terms that are unfamiliar to your target audience. Your titles and headlines must catch the visitor’s attention for them to read further. Express your insights thoroughly and clearly. Always be specific on what you want to convey.

Quality Content.
This is critical in every website. Develop quality content that answers a customer’s problems. With quality content, you can attract more visitors to go to your website since most visitors go online to get for information.

Easy to search and to navigate.
Make sure that your pages allow quick and easy to search of any desired information. Do not let your visitors be bored and irritated by letting them browse for many pages just to reach for their desired item otherwise, you will lose a potential customer. If the costumer will be satisfied in your website, they will likely visit your website all over again.

With this guidelines, it will help you in keeping your website simple yet effective one.

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