How to Create a Simple Web Design

Everyone nowadays from children to grandparents to neighbors seems to possess an either personal or business website. With thousands and thousands of websites today, the web is getting more and more crowded. Consequently, it is becoming harder and harder to get attention from the masses. So how would you get noticed from the rest?

But not everyone understands what it takes to make or break a web site but only professional web designers do. We must understand that simple web design is more than just creative processes but also a technical science. By observing simple web design pointers, it can create a beautiful, sleek web design and make your website popular. With these simple web design pointers, it is possible to make your web site prettier and more attractive. Creating a simple web design is a symbiosis of all the elements – sensible balancing of all the elements produces the best design rather than overwhelming one or two of the elements which technically results to extremes.

The simple web design elements basically involve grid, color, graphics, space, connection and overall balance. To fundamentally comprehend these elements, here is a brief overview to what it is:

Grid and Spacing – The concept of grid deals with horizontal and vertical spacing to make everything easy for the eye.

Color – The sense of color is important in creating a simple web design. You can’t just pick color randomly the way you want. Respect the color theories and observe what is colors are classic yet not boring.

Graphics – Make sure to create an impressive graphics. Poor graphics can actually hurt a whole entire page.

Connection – Basically this relates to consistency and unity of the whole web. Even if it’s a simple web design, colors, fonts and icons must be consistently related to each other. No matter how beautiful each one is individually if the overall connectivity is not united, the website can actually suffer.

In creating a simple web design, it takes more than just common sense and creativity. It also involves technical and scientific knowledge on principles of web designing. Most designers are often too focused on being flashy visually yet, technically the web site is not at all united as a whole. Still, some basic pointers need not be forgotten after all.