How to Attract Readers to Comment on Your Blog

Blogs, as we know significantly help in generating traffic and improving website ranking. Comments on your blog posts also play a great contributing factor. But how do you exactly encourage people to post comments on your blog? Here are some basic tips to help you out.

Allow Subscription

Provide option for your readers to subscribe to comments of your blog. This will allow your readers to receive notifications via RSS or email if someone leaves a comment on a particular blog entry. This encourages people to interact and exchange ideas through comments.


You also need to promote your blog through Facebook and Twitter. There are a number of automated posting service you can use for this. This will make sure your network in Facebook and followers on Twitter will be notified of your new blog posts.

Ask for Comments

By all means encourage your readers to interact and comment on your blog posts. While this actually goes without mentioning, it sure helps a lot if you can be more encouraging in getting readers to share their opinions.

These are just few of the tried and tested techniques to generate comments on blogs. Have more great ideas? Please feel free to share them.