Guidelines In Making An Efficient Web Design

Aside from making a functional web design, another important thing to bear in mind is to make it efficient. Even if you have a great website but if the visitors are having a hard time in accessing it, then it’s considered useless. Web designers as well must think that not all people who access the internet have powerful computer specs and have high speed of internet connection.

A good website design enables each individual to easily access the website no matter what equipment they are using, since possible visitors come in variation. Some, uses updated versions of computer technologies and others don’t. One way to avoid encountering problems like this is to cut down on your design. It will help you in saving a lot of time because the more sophisticated and complicated the designs are, the more it takes time compared to the simple ones. Also, by focusing on the efficiency rather than the aesthetics aspect would answer future hindrances of the continuing growth of the web industry.

Here are some guidelines on how you can keep your website design efficient.

When it comes to file size, graphic file size’s quality is not equivalent to its size. It does not mean that the larger file size of your graphics have, the better it is for your website. This will only lead into slow loading pages. If the image you are using is in GIF format, you can just depth down the image. And when using images in JPG format, you can lessen the file sizes without affecting its quality through a high compression setting for the image.

What annoys the visitor most is the waiting of a long time to load a certain page. You can avoid this through adjusting the features of the graphics in terms of width, height and alt. The ALT’s features allow users the option to close image loading. Users can proceed instantly to where they want to go next. The weight and the height features of the graphics can trick the user’s browser in loading the pages.

To achieve that efficient web design, make sure that you or your web designers will appropriately apply the graphical features of each web pages.

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