Google’s Caffeine: What Does It Mean to Your Online Business?

In the online world, everyone is always keeping tabs with what Google’s up to. You simply need to, unless you want to find yourself left behind by the competition. Just recently, Google has announced its new web indexing system called Caffeine. According to its head software developer, Caffeine is able to provide 50% fresher results for web searches. This provides Google users more relevant links faster and sooner after it has been published. With this new technology, one can’t help but wonder, what is its impact to online businesses who have aggressively followed strategic Search Engine Optimization techniques? Will Caffeine render all these outdated?

For businesses that rely of natural search results to lead potential clients to their site, Caffeine allows searchers to easily find the relevant websites they are looking for. This is because, Caffeine indexes web pages a lot faster than the old system Google used. The great thing about this is the fact that users can easily great fresher results. On the side of the business owners, this also works to their advantage especially if they are launching a limited time promotion – the easier for the potential clients to find the site, the faster they can get people to apply.

Does this mean websites should always have fresh content on a regular basis and maintain blogs? According to Google, every website should have a blog not just to show their ore human side to their clients, but becomes a great vehicle for updating the website’s content. Without a blog and without a regular updating of content, a website is basically a ghost amid a vibrant online community.

What about the choice of domain for the blog? Would it be more feasible to have a standalone domain or a sub domain? According to the developers, it is more practical to have a sub directory or a sub domain since a standalone domain may have some branding issues and create confusion among visitors.

As we all know, the online world is a highly fast paced environment. One of the critical concerns when choosing an online partner is finding one who can keep abreast with the latest and aggressively tries to align itself with the changes to gain an innovative edge. PhilWebServices is committed to this role and seriously takes to heart its responsibility of providing the very best and most updated service to all its clients. For more information, visit