Essential Elements Of Web Design

Understanding the essential elements of design help you put together a more powerful web pages. These elements are the essential tools of design. It is what makes up on every page you build, it’s the building blocks of design. So, what are now the essential elements of design? Here are re five fundamental elements of a web design.

Lines and Linework. Lines include rules and borders. They can be vertical or horizontal. It helps in defining the spaces within the web pages. Lines can be used as border around elements or a divider between elements. Linework helps in increasing the readability of the web design.

Shape. Shapes on the most web pages are rectangular or square. It builds up any enclosed figure in a design. It is used to convey meaning and organize information. It is also used to direct the eye through the design to sustain its interest.

Texture. On web pages, texture is always visual since it provides the illusion of physical texture. It used as backgrounds, to give emphasis to your web pages. You can use stylized designs like engraving or etchings. to have an amazing effect in your designs, you can use natural textures or artificial. Texture gives a design a feeling of surface.

Color. Color is not a required element of any design though most web designers gives more emphasis on this element. Color is used for backgrounds, text and foregrounds, images and accents. Some of the best designs are done with just a touch of one color or with only black and white.

Direction. Direction gives motion to your web designs. It provides mood and atmosphere. Good designs guide the browser’s eye through the design in a certain way that the browser sees what the web designer wants. In most web designs, there is a sense of movement in a direction across the design. The three basic directions in design are horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

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