Endurance of Small Business Online Marketing in the Philippines

Commercialization invigorates the economic strata more than any other coherent strata existing here in the Philippines counting the numerous starters when it comes to business inputs. With regards to this established fact is the strategy called small business online marketing which pertains to how a business’ virtual resources shall be optimized or used more productively. Ironically, this also covers the persiflage effect of the World Wide Web to the whole business world not just in the context of the Philippine archipelago but also the exterior ends from the first world countries up to other third world countries.

The Philippines has a business industry where 80% of the total businesses are family-owned not far from that of the U.S. having 80%-90% and UK having 75% respectively. This phenomenon, family ownership of business, is the most dominant form of business organization which thrives even in the virtual realm. Small business online marketing, though considered a freshman in marketing industry is affected by the patriarchal and matriarchal effect of this business organization which is concretized by the fact where most of the firms online are owned by home-based working parents, taking into account also those which are owned by siblings and cousins. Online marketing, though validated as a serious business, can also be deemed as a way of bonding especially here in the Philippines that close family ties exist piquantly.

With the rapid growth of Filipino internet users as estimated by a study made last 2009 where 8.278 million Filipinos are now engaged to online applications and usage, business becomes more aggressive and bold when it comes to advertising and promotions. Small business online marketing are not just done in simple and traditional ways as new and unconventional ways were made and are used now such as electronic mailers, automated spams, “one click a day” promos and the use of other forms of social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Multiply.

The business maybe small, but opportunities always come tall.