Different Types Of Ecommerce

As ecommerce is vastly growing in the web industry, people now indulge more on this kind of business, whether big, medium or small-sized business. But do you now the different kinds of ecommerce? Yes, ecommerce varies in types depending on the target consumers. There’s the business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), consumer to business (C2B) and consumer to consumer (C2C).

The buyers and the sellers are both business owners. This is the type wherein selling is between companies. Most products that are sold by businesses are not manufactured by their own company. They just purchased those products through wholesalers or from the product manufacturer itself. For instance, Toyota Motors does plenty of B2B transactions like purchasing the tires, glasses, rubber hoses and other parts of Toyata vehicles from other manufacturers.

This is the most familiar type in ecommerce. The business is selling its items to an individual. The supplier is the business owner and the purchaser is the individual consumer. In selling items through the website, business owners usually creates catalogs and online shopping carts for the consumers to choose from and for the business owners to accept online payments. Example is McDonalds wherein you can do an online purchase of the food offered and you have the option to either pay upon delivery or pick up or pay it online.

This is when a consumer is selling its products or rendering its services to a business and this consumer is a non-business entity. The best example for this type is between a potential client and a freelancer. It is the free lancer that sets the budget and let the business owner review or evaluate if the price is good. With an agreed price, the freelancer will now work on the project.

C2C allows transaction of products between two individuals. This type does not need a middleman. And the perfect example of this type is eBay wherein it allows individuals to sell and purchase their products directly.

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