Dedicated Server Hosting Facts

Just a quick fact, web hosting service is one way of making the World Wide Web active and kicking. So what is this web hosting service? It is a type of internet hosting that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible to the whole and cyber world of internet. Furthermore, this has various types, they are: free web hosting, shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed hosting service, cloud hosting and etc. The most expensive in terms of size and range of services is the dedicated web hosting service because it is a type of server hosting which the client leases or rents the entire server and not shared to everyone compared to the shared web hosting service.

Compared to the shared web hosting service, dedicated server hosting is far more flexible because the client will have the whole grasp of the control over the leased server or servers like choosing the desired operating system, hardware and etc. But for other service providers, server administration is an add-on which is a bonus for the client. Other services which service providers give are: operating system updates, application updates, server monitoring, firewall services, antivirus services, DNS hosting service, programming consultation, backups and restoration and performance tuning.

Service providers for dedicated server hosting identify the level of their management according to the needs of your site or according to your preference. They provide full management if you want them to fully manage the site you have made. Because some contents may not be suitable to all ages, service providers also grant their clients the chance to filter their site. The service providers also do not allow bots or IRC due to these software are attacking the hosts and also damages to the client’s site in terms of service quality.