Creating a Free Website at

In creating a free website, nothing is more helpful than tool. WebStarts is an easy to use website design tool. The free website tool utilizes a drag and drop interface that makes it very simple to manipulate its usage. Web creators can drag, move, transfer and drop video clips, photos and other content directly on the page. The web creators can view the page as they are creating it so they do not need to jump back and forth or refresh to view the latest updates. This is quite remarkable feature that proves to be so helpful and time saving. WebStarts also offers hosting and a domain name aside from creating website for free. Website owners can also customize domain depending on what they prefer. The site also customizes email addresses together with available with domain names. Users have the freedom to add additional content and features such as a forum or web form and ecommerce tools. This free creating website maker also allows users to create “member’s only” pages that is not for public viewing and has limited access to certain content.

The main advantage in this free website creator is the perfect combination of an easy-to-use interface and independent ability customization. The creator can structure pages to their specifications simply by dragging and dropping elements – that simple. They can do this right where they want them. This free website creator allows the web make to see page as it develops without messing with any coding. It’s a neat idea! WebStarts doesn’t limit creativity and uniqueness by setting up the user into a certain pre-made template or simple features.

This free website creating tool is an essential tool for practically anyone especially for those who do have any experience in website making. The interface and the simple features are hassle free and easy to use. Its cost-effective and time-saving device – very practical!