Characteristics Of A Good Website Design

Every company that is starting to create an online presence knows that the important tool in this industry to be competitive is a good website. It is not just creating pages of text, creating layouts and designs but rather functional and there must be importance in every website. Each website design is creative and unique in every aspect.

Before creating or re-creating a website, there are some things to think of: the characteristics of a good website. With the appropriate knowledge and proper implementation, you will surely have a functional and well created design. So, here are important characteristics of a good website.

The website must be easy to read.
       In writing the content, make sure that the captions and sentences are short and catchy. This will trigger the browser’s interest and will lead him to read further. When using images as backgrounds or colors, make sure that the text can be easily seen and the colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

The website’s content must be up-to-date.
       Updated contents entice user’s to dig for more details. User’s will visit your site again and again so with interesting posts they might bookmarked your site considered as one of their reference sites.

The website must be easy to navigate.
       There should be no hassle for the user’s in finding the information. The navigation buttons should be grouped together and all the links are properly working.

Determine your target audience.
       With knowing the target audience, you will have a better insight on what content to put on your website. You will be guided with what content that caught their interest. Make sure also that the content can help the user’s in solving their problems.

Provide a Contact Us section.
       Always remember that anyone who visits your site is a potential customer. If they seek something useful in your website, make sure that the user can contact you easily.

The website must be compatible to any browser.
       Test the website in all commonly used browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and check if everything will display properly. It will be a good idea that you will use a program that checks browser compatibility.

A good website is more than just fancy designs. It is also about creating informative, functional and useful website that will lead to a productive experience to every user and want to visit your website again and again.

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