Building Effective Web Design When Using Graphic Files

Creating a web design for your website does not only requires to be functional it needs to be effective as well. If your website is too difficult to access even if it has a good web design, it is still considered dysfunctional. Web designers tend to forget that not all who access the web has a high speed internet connection along with an advance computer specs. An effective web design ensures that it is accessible to visitors who uses different types of equipment.

Simple web designs are preferable than complicated and sophisticated ones. Aside from cutting down the expense in paying web designers, simple web designs also saves time. Furthermore, placing effectiveness in each design rather than aesthetics would avoid problems that might be encountered as the website is being maintained.

phiUsing graphic files in your web design can cause the loading page to go slow. However, if it is really necessary to put images in the design, just make sure that all are reduce into a smaller size but still retain the quality of the image. This can be done by using the high compression setting for the image. Aside from that, make sure to adjust its attributes too like the width, height and alt. These attributes are very effective in avoiding the long wait of loading a web page. Waiting for a long time for a page to load is what visitors hate so you really have to avoid this problem.

Increase the use of graphics in the user’s cache, this way it saves the loading time since users no longer need to wait for the graphics to be loaded every time they open a certain page. The graphics will be saved in the user’s cache.

Web designs need not to be very fancy to the extent that it affects the loading time of a website. What the users want is simple and easy to access websites that consist all the contents they needed.

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