Book Review: Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website

This book written by George Plumley is handy for both web designers and developers amateurs and professionals alike. The author here addresses several important key points, covers fundamental questions about what a website requires before it is created. Objectively, this web design and development book tackles basics issues before and even up to the point of finalizing a website. Most professional web designers and developers might see this as useless but, this book has intensive and extensive wide coverage of the fundamentals that even professionals web designers and developers often overlooks.

This web design and development book is composed of set of questions about the reader’s own website. The questions comes with corresponding liberal answers in detailed in and illustrated for easier understanding and reference. This web design and development books are divided into chapters according it its category namely – content, email, domain name etc. These web design and development categories appear to be very kindergarten but its usefulness is commendable. The quick reference is very ideal for reviews, taking notes, and bookmarking. Although the chapters in this web design and development book are written in a chronological relation, the chapters are also inter-dependent that can be read separately as it is.

Web design and development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Buiding a Website retails around 20 USD in with special discounts on shipping worldwide. This 360-page-book is written in English, published by Wiley on November 2010. A very good investment that checks every facet of website building, a must-have on your bookshelf.