A Review on ColorZilla

One of the most amazing web development tools on Firefox is Alex Sirota’s ColorZilla. Alex who is a professional creator of web applications is also interested in art which is evident in his love for photography. Color is the language of art and perhaps his artistic side is what made him make a colorful Firefox add-on ColorZilla.

ColorZilla is a blatant Firefox web development tool that is an “eye dropper, color picker and a gradient generator”. With this useful web development tool, ColorZilla allows you to distinguish and read color in any browser, copy and paste it into where you want it. Another practical feature of this tool is the ability to enable to choose pre-defined colors sets. In addition to the beauty of this Firefox web development tool is the Webpage DOM Color Analyzer which brings the color use of every website. Hover each box of color leads you to where the color is used in the page. Technically, it shows what color is on it; which line on the CSS style sheet which details are handy for customization and copying of colors for web developers.

Web developers have been praising this handy colorful ColorZilla Firefox web development tool due to its help for web designers and developers saving time to distinctly capture colors rather than checking it one by one in Photoshop especially in working with CSS. You save yourself from guessing or playing around trying to match colors. This is a great extension even for novice designers providing the color code is just two mouse-clicks.

ColorZilla Firefox web development tool is unobtrusive plug-in so it remains invisible when it’s not used. Bloggers too give this tool a thumbs-up for its non-complicated usage. This is a one plug-in that every web developers and designers should not live without.