A Mythical Christmas Soiree

As a year-ender for a bountiful 2009, PHILWEBSERVICES, INC. celebrated its annual Christmas Party with a theme, “A Mythical Christmas Soiree: the feast of Gods and Goddesses” last December 19, 2009, Saturday at Crown Regency in Guadalupe, Cebu.

The wonderful event was attended with highly esteemed guests, the CEO of PhilWebServices, Mr. Von Rod Limpot and his wife, the Limpot Family, Atty. Marive Peque (the company’s lawyer) and Dr. Emmanuel Umbao (a Professor in South Western University).

Everyone dressed like deities and each employee, represented a god and a goddess. The guys look dashing in their costumes and the ladies are equally stunning. Artemis, (Chereth Cucharo) and Eros (Rhiane Cana) became the God and the Goddess of the night, both got the highest scores in the votation.

It was also a night of showcasing the talents of the employees aside from their talents in web designing and programming. There was the group presentation by each team, the per project team and the dedicated team who won in the group presentation.

The main event of that night was the search for PhilWeb Idol 2009. There were four brave groups who participated in the contest. The two groups (Javawookez and Kalye Boyz), sizzled in the dancefloor, one group (HIGALANG MAKABUGTO) did an acoustic performance and the other group (The Street Children featuring Merly) an interpretative performance. It was the Kalye Boyz who won and declared as 2009’s PhilWeb Idol.

Everyone was entertained and had fun with the performances made by every group. As always, the food prepared was scrumptious. It was indeed a Mythical night that will be cherished forever.

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