A Guide For CSS Coder

CSS is the most common application in styling web pages. It is written in HTML and XHTML but can also be used in any kind of XML document. It enables the separation of document content from document presentation like the layout, colors, and fonts.

For CSS coders, it is a language that is not hard to adept. Writing CSS code for large projects must comply with a specified approach in order to organize it in the right way.

Here are some guides in helping CSS coders write better and easy to manage CSS code.

Be Cautious In Using Global Reset

Global Reset can be used in removing all default margin and padding of HTML elements. This practice is not good since it can destroy a lot of good default styling. It loses their native styling that goes beyond the browser. You should pick and choose the elements you want to reset or you can use subset of CSS Resets.

Use Meaningful Names For Ids And Classes

Think first before deciding and using any classes and IDs for elements. For them to be meaningful and easy to understand in the later part.

Be Careful In Using IE Hacks

The thing about CSS hacks is that it helps in maintaining the consistency of the aesthetics or look of the website over the other browsers like Internet Explorer 6 or IE6. But it can be a problem for newer versions like IE8. Even if this new version do supports CSS standards but by utilizing the hacks the layout might break loose. Instead make use of conditional statements to target the exact version of Internet Explorer.

Make Use Of CSS Inheritance

If a parent element have multiple child elements that apply same styles on your web page, it’s preferred to define them to their parent element and let the CSS inheritance do all the rest.

Utilize Shorthand Properties

Using shorthand properties of CSS will result to instantly write CSS code and can easily reduce the size of a file. It can be appliedd for margin, font, border, background, padding and for color values.

Combine Multiple Sectors

If they have same style definitions, you can use the multiple selectors to combine them into one. It will save space and time.

Arrange the CSS Code

It will be easy for you to find things if you organize your CSS code in a certain manner. It will save you a lot of time in looking for a certain style definition.

CSS Must Be Readable

It will be easier to look and revise a style declaration if you write readable CSS. Either each style with a proper indention in one line or group style for a selector in one line. You can aslo combine the two methods.

Use External Stylesheets

Separating the presentaion of the content has always been a good practice. By using an external stylesheets, you can put all your CSS code for you to easily revise your style. No need for searching it into HTML templates or other files of styles.

Compress CSS Code

Once done and ready to display web design project, don’t forget to compress CSS code with the use of CSS Compressor. This will lessen the file size and upgrade the loading time of your website, which is one of the essential elements in creating a functional website.

Consistency is also important to all CSS coders. It will be a good idea to choose certain style of formatting and managing your CSS code and sticking to that form in all your projects.

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